Autumn Time

Greetings from The Green Room’s laboratory in Beijing! In Chinese medicine, the YANG heat of late summer is quelled by the YIN cooling of autumntime. More than ever, we must protect our skin from Beijing’s arid climate and big city pollution. Otherwise, one will experience excessive dryness, rashes and/or itchiness. The Green Room has a few helpful tips help your skin be at it's best during this changing season.

Moisturise from the outside.
Pamper yourself with extra attention.
Moisturising masks are great, look for masks with Hyaluronic Acid (locks in moisture).
Use gentle creams or oils to cleanse the face, instead of foam cleansers which dry out your skin. Rub excess oil from your face into your hands and cuticles
Hydrate your body.
Drinking more water and refraining from sugary, caffeinated drinks will help, but your body’s moisture is not just generated by imbibing. Most of our water absorption comes from what we eat.

Eat Light & Simple.
Eat lots of seasonal vegetables, which are packing the most vitamins and minerals. Indulge in seasonal watery sweet pears and apples.

Refrain from Fiery Foods.
Avoid putting too much “fire” in your belly. Fiery foods include sweets, alcohol, spicy, fried and extra salty foods, all the good stuff! Everything in moderation!

Sleep more regularly. Nap. Seasonal changes are also happening inside your body. Give yourself the rest you need to maintain a healthy immune system and avoid dehydration.

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Jess Meider