The proof is in the product...

Our skincare line speaks for itself. We do spend time on our marketing, imagery, philosophy, etc...but the real bang is in the product itself. This is why we offer free trial samples. Skincare is one of those very personal things; you have to try it to really know what its about. 

What your friends are talking about what is working for their skin. We fully believe in our skincare products because we use them...Our website is slim and trim because we don't need filler. We trust our product, and we trust our customers using the products to recommend what they love and know is true. This is what we are talking about:


Miracle T Face/Skin Serum & Hair Glow Elixir

The Miracle T serum has been a true miracle for my skin. I have had unclear skin since puberty, starting almost 20 years ago. Together with the Beijing dryness my skin has been a disaster. But Miracle T serum has cleared up almost all my acne and has kept my skin hydrated! We use the hair serum for our static Beijing hair and it has been a blessing!

- Pauline Van Hassellt
Beijing Expat

Miracle 5 Face Serum

Miracle 5 Face Serum is my favourite face oil to combat dryness on the face. I was worried that because they were oils it would leave me with oily residue but it soaks in amazingly well and smells incredible! Can’t recommend this highly enough!

  • Vicky, Beijing Resident

Miracle T & Face Balm Cleanser w/Acnaic Skin

My complexion tends to be red, acne-prone, and dry, especially since moving to Beijing. Miracle T has been a life-saver! I use it every night to moisturize and soothe my skin. It’s helped clear my acne and the redness.

Face Balm is my favourite cleanser that I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried many)! Just a couple of pumps removes my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft. I was hesitant to try it since I have acne, but it’s helps that too. No more bumps and redness.

Amanda, 29yrs, Beijing Resident

Miracle 7 Face Serum

I've been using the facial samples for the past four days...I cannot believe how amazing my skin feels!!!  Super soft and absolutely no blemishes or irritation which most creams have caused me recently. I apply the two exactly how you recommended and it is working like a dream!!! Skin has not felt this good in a long time!

- Lorraine, Expat Resident of Beijing 5 years
Teacher, International School

Eye Oil & Miracle 7 Face Serum

Miracle 7 face serum: 这款精油是我给妈妈买的,它的作用有抗衰老,美白提亮肤色。妈妈今年48岁,用了1瓶之后就有很明显的效果,我可以看出她的肤色提亮了很多,变得越来越健康。细纹也减少了不少,面部皮肤更加紧致。神奇的是,她的毛孔都小了不少!现在这款精油成了她每日护肤的必用产品,已经用光4瓶了,并且会无限回购。Eye Oil: 这款眼部精油是我和妈妈都在用的,我是22岁,妈妈48岁,我和妈妈用过都感觉它对眼部细纹都有明显的改善。这也是我用的第一款眼部产品,因为眼部细纹太明显了才意识到自己真的需要好好护理眼部了。而且性价比很高,看似小小一瓶其实可以用很长时间。精油的成分也是天然的,对眼部没有刺激,同样也是会无限回购的。Translation: Miracle 7 face serum: I bought this essential oil for my mother. It has the function of anti-aging, whitening and brightening skin. My mother, 48, had a very noticeable effect after using a bottle, and I could see that her skin tone had brightened a lot and became more and more healthy. Fine lines also decreased a lot, facial skin more intense. The magic is, her pores are much smaller! Now the essential oil has become her daily skincare product, already used up to four bottles, and will be bought back indefinitely.
Eye Oil: This Eye Oil is used by both my mother and I. I'm 22 and my mother is 48. My mother and I have felt that it has improved the fine lines on the Eye significantly. This is also my first eye product, because the eye fine lines are too obvious to realize that I really need to take good care of the eye. And the price-performance ratio is very high, seemingly small bottle can actually be used for a very long time. Essential oil is also natural, no irritation to the eye. We continue to repurchase!

Penelope 22yrs & her Mother 48yrs, Beijing Residents


Hair Glow Elixir & Face Balm Cleansing Oil

I’m one of those gals who usually buys luxury brand cosmetics and creams because I think I could be allergic to cheap or no-name brands. The more expensive the better.  The more I used them the more I felt like I was wasting my money. They would feel awesome on my skin at the beginning but after a few days I couldn't feel any real improvements. This would make me search for something else that could fill that feeling of emptiness and deceit.  Then I changed my strategy. I wanted to be part of the solution and not the problem of the cosmetics business so, I started buying products that promised they were natural and environmentally friendly, and not tested on animals. These felt much better than the expensive products but then I was still buying a lot of products for different things; toner, lotion, cleansing cream, moisturizer... Uff. I still had the feeling I was spending crazy amounts of money. Then, I ran into The Green Room. With a few drops, I felt the difference. They are natural, environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, can be used on the kiddo AND are very reasonably priced. The face balm cleanser is my favorite. I don’t need a cleanser and moisturizer. It has it all! And best of all it keeps making my skin healthier and healthier each time I use it. 

After my baby was born, my hair was a complete mess, falling off in big chunks and feeling so dry I could listen to my scalp when scratching it. After a few weeks of using Hair Glow hair oil, I noticed my hair was much more healthy, and the chunks of hair falling out reduced. I heard now the Green Room has also introduced a belly oil for pregnant ladies. How I wished I’d had that back then for my pregnancy!

Expatriate living in Beijing for 5 years
New Mom